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Dedicated Local Monitoring Center

Did you know that security companies in Georgia often outsource their monitoring services, generally to a lowest-bid subcontractor? Plus in many cases, the facility that receives your emergency alerts is in another state -- or even another country. What if your signal didn't get through because of a technical problem thousands of miles away?

At Mid South, we're nearby, and we're watching out just for you. Our UL-Certified central monitoring station is dedicated exclusively to Mid South customers, and our highly trained security specialists are standing by 24/7/365. Our only priority is getting help to you as soon as you need it.

? With Mid South, you never hear an automated phone system. If you have a need or a problem, you'll immediately talk to a genuinely helpful live professional in the Atlanta area.
? Being local means we know your neighborhood better than a national company that serves homes and businesses all over the country.
? If you have an issue, you can speak directly with the president of Mid South. Try that with a big nation-wide security company!

Direct Alarm Radio Monitoring

All security monitoring systems are not equal. Most alarm companies receive your burglary or fire alerts through the public telephone system. These signals are transmitted over landlines, through a series of switches and connections, and finally transmitted to a central monitoring station. But what happens if...

? A burglar has already cut your phone lines
? A fire at your location has already burned internal telephone wiring or equipment
? A contractor in the area has inadvertently disturbed an underground telephone cable
? Heavy weather or a car accident anywhere along the route has knocked out phone service
? The cellular phone system has temporarily gone down
? The third party utility is experiencing an overload or other technical difficulties

In these cases, your emergency call simply doesn't get through, and you don't get timely help in your one crucial moment of need.

The solution? Direct Alarm Radio Monitoring. Mid South Security has long been a leader in this highly dependable technology. When you're with Mid South, any burglary or fire alert can be instantly sent by your installed radio transmitter directly to our monitoring station. That's just one secure step, with none of the risks associated with phone-based alarm systems.

? Your radio alarm alert will arrive faster vs. traditional phone line-based monitoring. In an emergency of course, a quicker response time can make all the difference.
? While we're constantly checking and re-checking our radio system 24/7 to ensure ongoing dependability, no one is watching your phone line for problems in case you have an emergency.
? Our Direct Radio Monitoring is the same system that the U.S. military uses to secure their own facilities.

Now that you know the facts, you can confidently make the right choice about your new residential or commercial security company. Call Mid South Today at 770-951-2221.

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