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The future of home security is now at your fingertips.

A new generation of residential safety systems is now available. It’s sophisticated, but easy to use. It covers every corner of your house, but control is conveniently centralized, via the touch-screen control panel, your computer, or your smartphone. It utilizes cutting-edge technology, but now at Mid South Security, it costs about the same as traditional security systems. Curious about how it could work at your house? Call 770-951-2221 to schedule an in-home demonstration. And prepare to be amazed.

integrated home security

There’s more: your home can now be a smart home.

First, you read about the integrated smart home of the future. Then you heard about that dream coming true at high-end luxury homes. The big news now is that any home can become an smart home, for a price you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear. Door locks, thermostats, appliances, lights and more can now be controlled remotely, scheduled to anticipate your family’s needs, and immediately re-programmed for changing circumstances. Call Mid South at 770-951-2221 to begin exploring the possibilities.

smart home

Check out the video and see it in action.

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